5 faktorer, du skal overveje, når du køber gaver til kvinder


Consumer trends: What to expect from 2022

The food industry is constantly changing and 2022 will be no different. From food trends to food packaging, there are always new developments that will affect the industry in 2022 and beyond. Between increased government regulations and the rise of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer marketing, changes in the food industry are bound to happen. This means that it is an industry to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Let’s see what’s new in food trends.

Habit change, snacks, vegetable foods

Experts have identified five trends that will shape the development of the food and beverage industry in 2022.

Your own personal chef

Breakfast and lunch will be crucial things for innovation as more people work from home. Therefore, the number of food courses has also been increased. According to a recent study, 47% of adults have eaten breakfast and lunch at home every day since the pandemic began. As a result, people are asking for more homemade breakfast and lunch options.

Outbreak of snacking

Over 35% of people snack more now than they did a year ago. People started snacking more during the day, while becoming more interested in other trends, such as health and wellness.

Plant-based foods

The growing desire of young people for plant-based nutrition is forcing producers to develop such products. New options include milk-free coffee cream, oatmeal-based creamer, milk-free chilled creamer and much more.

The most important thing in the bakery

What do consumers expect from bakers?

Environmental friendliness

The key components of a sustainable development strategy that consumers will be aware of are minimizing plastics and reducing food waste. They will be interested in a nutritious diet that benefits the health of the entire planet, not just their own. According to experts, three out of ten people are already willing to change their purchasing behavior to more ethical models. For manufacturers, this includes more efficient use of plastic, recycling of packaging and so on.

Simplicity and speed

Consumers want a wide range of high quality goods as well as simple ordering and fast delivery. In this sense, the food industry’s applications for product selection and ordering will play an increasingly important role. If producers want to grow, they should concentrate on this.

Bold colors, unusual flavors

Light flavors and textures will continue to be popular throughout the range. Although aesthetics have always been crucial to breads, cakes and sweets, customers spend a significant amount of time online ordering food or looking for recipe ideas. Colorful cakes or pastries are believed to be more appealing and premium by 38% of Western European customers. If you are your own chef, we recommend that you take a baking course to learn about new trends.


To sum it up, 2022 is the year when meat, dairy and eggs will be replaced by plant-based foods and the food industry will transform from mass to personalization. In addition, as consumers become more aware of the impact of their eating habits on health and the environment, there will be a growing demand for more ethical, sustainable products.

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